The 50 High Points
summer 2018

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A new world record!

fastest time to summit all 50 U.S. high points

Set July 19, 2018 in
21 days 9 hours 48 minutes

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live tracking

The entire 50HP journey was tracked with accurate GPS, monitoring Colin's every step. Live Tracking was available through the duration of the 21 day adventure.  The satellites were pinged every 10 minutes to show Colin's whereabouts!

The world record clock kicked off on June 27th atop Alaska's high point, Denali. Colin summited a day earlier than originally planned and the schedule was adjusted to reflect the new timeline. As Colin proceeded ticking off each State’s summit, followers were notified daily of any scheduling shifts and timing updates on Colin's Instagram stories @colinobrady.


A look back at the adventure

Professional endurance athlete and world record holder, Colin O’Brady, is at it once again. Colin is out to conquer another record – this time on U.S. soil.

Get ready for the 50HP because you're invited! Colin will be in all 50 U.S. states this summer and he wants you to join him in setting a world record together. Check it out! 

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The 50-state high points challenge dates back to 1966. Only 273 people have summited all 50 American high points as of summer 2018. For many, this achievement takes a lifetime.

Colin traveled nearly 13,000 miles across the country – through five National Parks and over 25 State Parks and National Forests. It was a great American road trip! He walked, ran, hiked and climbed over 300 trail miles to set the record. 

Colin was in constant motion from high point to high point, racing the world record clock. He set the goal to beat the former record of 41 days, and push his physical and mental limits to complete the 50 high points challenge in less than 30 days.

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Join Colin in your home state

This challenge went far beyond setting a world record. It wasn’t just about Colin. This project was a catalyst for participation.

We called it the Forrest Gump effect.

Colin was on a mission to activate people across the country. This project was an open invitation to everyone to be a part of history, to come out and participate.

Colin invited anyone to come out and join him in their home state – people of all ages and backgrounds shows up to:

  • Hike a mile or five with him on the trails.

  • Stand at the top of their state's high point with Colin.

  • Gather and meet community members at the trailhead and cheer Colin on.

From Florida's 300ft Britton Hill to the snowy mountains of the West, there was something in this project for everyone. We explored what was in each of our backyards, got outside, and celebrated America's public lands!

We made history together!


The Route & The Schedule


How did it work?! Well, the world record clock kicked off as soon as Colin summited Denali, Alaska's high point and North America's tallest peak.

We mapped out the logistics for a rapid push, however due to the unpredictable nature of climbing Denali's 20,310 ft, the dates were subject to change. The calendar shifted in relation to Colin's actual Denali summit date. 

Colin summited Denali June 27th and the record started moving quickly! Because Colin was one day ahead of the anticipated June 28th summit date that we planned for, we slotted in the New Mexico and Oklahoma high points en route to Florida. 

But there were obstacles along the way, of course!

Arizona's Humphrey's Peak was closed due to fire danger caused by lack of rain to the area. Awaiting the area to reopen we were biting our nails. The park would reopen once the monsoon rains arrived. 
And they did! As of Wednesday July 11 8:00am local time, the wilderness area containing Humphrey's Peak was reopened for  climbing allowing Colin back to climb Humphrey’s Peak!

Mt. Whitney, CA's high point also gave us some trouble. The mountain was closed due to a lightning strike that caused a forest fire that was unable to contained in the area. Colin was unable to climb with his original permit on July 11th as anticipated due to this closure. We would head back to Mt. Whitney once the Mt. Whitney Portal was confirmed open. Colin would have 7 days from the date of reopening to use his permit for climbing Mt. Whitney.
We monitored the situation and luck came again. As of July 11 1:00pm, the Georges fire was 30% contained and the Whitney Portal reopened Wednesday evening 6pm.


The final week

Due to the Arizona and California high points closures we faced, we reshuffled some of the final high points for maximum mobility and speed on the record attempt.

✅Arizona (Humphrey's Peak ) — July 11, 2018
✅Nebraska (Panorama Point) — July 11, 2018
✅Kansas (Mt Sunflower) — July 11, 2018
✅Colorado (Mt. Elbert) — 9 miles | July 12, 2018
✅California (Mt. Whitney) — 21.5 miles | July 13, 2018
✅Utah (Kings Peak) — 29 miles | July 14, 2018 

After Kings Peak in Utah we accessed Colin's energy level and physical/mental fatigue. For safety purposed we needed to confirm that Colin was good to continue. Colin waived additional rest time and went straight on pushing through the remaining five peaks, all of which were challenging climbs on their own, to finish up the 50HP world record! 

✅Wyoming (Gannett Peak) — 40 miles | July 15, 2018
✅Idaho (Borah Peak) — 7 miles | July 16, 2018
✅Montana (Granite Peak) — 23 miles | July 17, 2018
✅Washington (Mt. Rainier) — 14 miles | July 18, 2018
✅Oregon (Mt. Hood) — 6 miles | July 19, 2018

NEW RECORD SET: 21 days 9 hours 48 minutes

The final week of the record attempt was strenuous. There were 150 miles climbed over 8 peaks in 7 days,
with no single peak being below 11,000 feet. 

*The record clock stopped when Colin summited the final high point, Mt. Hood in his home state of Oregon!

Completed high Points

✅Alaska (Denali) — June 27, 2018
✅Hawaii (Mauna Kea) — June 29, 2018
✅New Mexico (Wheeler Peak) — June 30, 2018
✅Oklahoma (Black Mesa) — June 30, 2018
✅Florida (Britton Hill) — July 1, 2018
✅Alabama (Cheaha Mountain) — July 1, 2018
✅Mississippi (Campbell Hill) — July 1, 2018
✅Missouri (Taum Sauk Mountain) — July 1, 2018
✅Arkansas (Mt. Magazine) — July 1, 2018
✅Louisiana (Driskill Mountain) — July 1,

✅Georgia (Brasstown Bald) — July 2, 2018
✅South Carolina (Sassafras Mtn) — July 2, 2018
✅Tennesse (Clingmans Dome) — July 2, 2018
✅North Carolina (Mt. Mitchell) — July 3, 2018
✅Virginia (Mt. Rogers) — July 3, 2018
✅Kentucky (Black Mountain) — July 3, 2018
✅Indiana (Hoosier Hill) — July 3, 2018
✅Ohio (Campbell Hill) — July 3, 2018
✅West Virginia (Spruce Knob) — July 4, 2018
✅Maryland (Backbone Mountain) — July 4, 2018

✅Pennsylvania (Mount Davis) — July 4, 2018
✅Delaware (Ebright Azimuth) — July 4, 2018
✅New Jersey (High Point) — July 5, 2018
✅Rhode Island (Jerimoth Hill) — July 5, 2018
✅Connecticut (Mt. Frissell) — July 5, 2018
✅Massachusetts (Mt. Greylock) — July 5, 2018
✅New York (Mt. Marcy) — July 5, 2018
✅Vermont (Mt. Mansfield) — July 6, 2018
✅New Hampshire (Mt. Washington) — July 6, 2018
✅Maine (Mt. Katahdin) — July 7, 2018
✅Minnesota (Eagle Mountain) — July 7, 2018
✅Michigan (Mt. Arvon) — July 7, 2018
✅Wisconsin (Timms Hill) — July 8, 2018
✅Iowa (Hawkeye Point) — July 8, 2018
✅Illinois (Charles Mound) — July 8, 2018
✅North Dakota (White Butte) — July 8, 2018
✅South Dakota (Black Elk Peak, formerly Harney Peak) — July 9, 2018
✅Texas (Guadalupe Peak) — July 9, 2018
✅Nevada (Boundary Peak) — July 10, 2018 



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The journey was told in real-time with live updates on Instagram stories so anyone could know about Colin's progress, projected arrival times at trailheads and any delays that arose. 

Longer form vlog style video content was posted throughout the journey. We shared highlights of his progress in post-adventure videos as well.

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This journey was told in real-time
with live updates on
Instagram @colinobrady
and longer form vlogs posted on
Colin's YouTube channel.

We loved those that joined the journey in-person and those that followed along virtually!