Colin O'Brady


With a passion for pushing his limits,
the adventures continue. 


The 50 U.S. State HighPoints

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Professional endurance athlete and 2x world record holder, Colin O’Brady, is at it once again. Colin is out to conquer another record – this time on U.S. soil.

The 50-state high point challenge dates back to 1966. For many, this achievement takes a lifetime. Only 273 people have summited all 50 American high-points to date. He’ll travel over 13,000 miles across the country, through five National Parks, and run, walk, and climb 300 trail miles.

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Colin’s goal is to crush the current record of 41 days and complete the challenge it in less than 30 days. He will train both physically and mentally over various terrain to prepare his mind and body for this feat.

But, this challenge goes far beyond setting a world record. It's not just about Colin. This project is a catalyst for participation. We're calling it the Forest Gump effect.

Colin’s goal is activate people across the country to be a part of history, conquer their personal heights, and join him. He’s calling out to local communities, organizations, and individuals to join him when he’s in their home state. 

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Sign up now and be a part of history.