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3x World Record Holder  //  Professional Athlete  //  Motivational Speaker


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About Colin

Colin O’Brady is one of the world’s elite endurance athletes who has accomplished incredible feats -  racing professional triathlon for the United States, summiting Mt. Everest, and holding two of the most prestigious mountaineering world records - and he has done it all after overcoming a devastating accident to prove that anything is possible.


Greenland crossing

August 20, 2018 Colin sets out to cross the Greenland ice cap - an arduous 400 mile, unsupported trek, and training for something bigger.

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Colin at TED

Colin took to the TEDx stage to tell his incredible story. 


Praise for Colin's Speaking

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"Inspiring on so many levels."

– Mark Parker, CEO, Nike

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"Highly recommended for all audiences!"

– Diane Schumaker-Krieg, Global Head of Research, Economics & Strategy, Wells Fargo Securities


"Hands down the best I've seen."

– Mila Bernabó, Corporate Engineering Team, Google


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