Praise for Colin's speaking from leaders in business and culture. To hire Colin to speak at your event, request below.


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"Inspiring on so many levels."

– Mark Parker, CEO, Nike


“Colin is a truly inspirational speaker. Beautifully presented, Colin shares his personal and dramatic story of overcoming physical and mental challenges to achieve unimaginable goals. He had our leaders on the edge of their seats in rapt attention. If you want your team dreaming of taking on seemingly impossible challenges, Colin’s message does the trick.”

– Cara Stein, SVP, Chief Talent Officer


"I’ve been at Google a little over four years, and have watched countless talks by incredible humans. Colin was hands down the best I've seen, one of the most moving speakers I’ve witnessed."

– Mila Bernabó, Corporate Engineering Team, Google

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"Highly recommended for all audiences!"

– Diane Schumaker-Krieg, Global Head of Research, Economics & Strategy, Wells Fargo Securities


"Colin O’Brady is not only the greatest explorer of the 21st century, he’s one of the best examples of the strength of the human body and spirit. We took a survey of all the speakers at our conference and - hands down - Colin’s speech was the favorite by a landslide. The power of his presentation continues to move me and is one that would truly benefit any audience."

– Howell Wechsler, CEO, Alliance for a Healthier Generation

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"Beyond motivational, beyond inspiring. A deep dive into your soul, giving you the courage to achieve more in both work and personal life. In our survey, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most inspiring, people actually wrote in the number 11 and circled it."

– Brian Hall, Director of Sales & Business Dev., Standard Process


"In his riveting, interactive hour-long talk our audience consumed his harrowing life experiences and world record achievements that reveal important reminders for our daily lives. His presentation is packed with illuminating anecdotes, engaging and beautiful media, and elements of surprise – you’ll be inspired and entertained. I can highly recommend Colin as an electrifying public speaker and encourage you to invite him to your event."

– Bruce Y. Lee, Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Global Obesity Prevention Center


"We had Colin share his story with a group of our high performing leaders and he was absolutely fantastic. If you want an incredibly gifted communicator who will challenge you to rethink what we humans are capable of, then Colin is your guy. His message hits on overcoming life’s hurdles, setting and accomplishing big goals, grit, and the power of having an encourager on your team. His message is one that must be heard!"

– Daniel Harkavy, CEO and Executive Coach, Building Champions

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"In all my years at this company, I have never seen a speaker receive a standing ovation until you spoke to our group."

–  Jennifer Del Rosso, Event Organizer, Pacific Seafood

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"Our company is undergoing a major expansion project led by a diverse team. To inspire this group of leaders, we searched for a motivational speaker and we were happy to discover Colin O’Brady. Colin was able to elevate his personal experiences into transferrable lessons for leadership and life in general. We at Mercedes-Benz Vans would highly recommend Colin O’Brady to others looking for a motivational speaking experience."

– Michael Balke, President & CEO, Mercedes-Benz Vans, LLC


"I can honestly say, Colin was one of the most impactful and inspiring speakers I have worked with. His professionalism and go-with-the-flow attitude made working with him such a delight. His message not only incorporated our CEOs opening remarks but he really took the time to read the New Year’s Message and understand the goals of our event. I am getting chills just thinking about the emotions he invoked in the room during his speech."

– Helen Roudi, Senior Specialist, Corporate Events & Social Responsibility, Tivity Health

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"The Multnomah Athletic Club booked Colin O’Brady to speak at an event for our members. He is a class act. Colin’s talk was charismatic, humorous and inspirational. The club would recommend him as a speaker to any group. Our audience left entertained and inspired by his story and cause."

– Sybil Guggenheim, Member Events, Specialist MAC Club

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"We had the pleasure of having Colin O’Brady speak at our annual corporate meeting.His inspirational presentation should not be missed. Many of our attendees said that Colin’s presentation was the best motivational presentation they had ever attended."

– Jeanne Gossmann, Event Organizer, Chuck Latham Associates


"You have an incredible story to tell one of perseverance, resilience, hard work, planning and love. You touched so many during your visits and I cannot thank you enough. I have had staff, principals, and students reach out to me all week with genuine awe for what you have accomplished and gratitude for inspiring our school communities this week."

– Kelli Smith, Principal, Denver Public Schools