Colin O'Brady


With a passion for pushing his limits,
the adventures continue. 


The 50 High Points
summer 2018

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Professional endurance athlete and world record holder, Colin O’Brady, is at it once again. Colin is out to conquer another record – this time on U.S. soil.

Get ready for the 50HP because you're invited! Colin will be in all 50 U.S. states this summer and he wants you to join him in setting a world record together. Check it out! 

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The 50-state high point challenge dates back to 1966. Only 273 people have summited all 50 American high points to date. For many, this achievement takes a lifetime.

Colin will travel nearly 13,000 miles across the country – through five National Parks and over 25 State Parks and National Forests. It's going to be a great American road trip! He'll walk, run, hike and climb over 300 trail miles to set the record. 

Colin will be in constant motion from high point to high point, racing the world record clock. His goal is to crush the current record of 41 days, and push his physical and mental limits to complete the 50 high points challenge in less than 30 days.

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Join Colin in your home state

This challenge goes far beyond setting a world record. It's not just about Colin. This project is a catalyst for participation.

We're calling it the Forrest Gump effect.

Colin is on a mission to activate people across the country. This project is an open invitation to everyone to be a part of history, to come out and participate.

Join Colin when's he's in your home state –

  • Hike a mile or five with him on the trails.
  • Stand at the top of your state's high point with Colin. 
  • Gather and meet your community members at the trailhead to cheer him on.

From Florida's 300ft Britton Hill to the snowy mountains of the West, there is something in this project for everyone. Let's explore what's in your backyard, get outside, and celebrate America's public lands!

Let's make history together!


The Schedule


How is this going to work?! Well, the world record clock kicks off as soon as Colin summits Denali, Alaska's high point and North America's tallest peak. 

We've mapped out the logistics for a rapid push, however due to the unpredictable nature of climbing Denali's 20,310ft, the dates are subject to change. The calendar will shift in relation to Colin's actual Denali summit date. 

What about schedule changes?
And, what time of day will Colin be at my state's high point?

Colin can't wait to see you out there!



This journey will be told in real-time
with live updates on
Instagram @colinobrady
and longer form vlogs posted on
Colin's YouTube channel.

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